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If you own a house or bare land condo, do you have a Real Property Report with Compliance?
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2) A file has been opened and we have started requesting all requisite documentation.

3) We have opened a file for your transaction, and have started requesting all documentation. When completed you will receive an email with instructions for house insurance, identification documents and shortfall fund instructions. PLEASE NOTE: house insurance must be provided to our office before possession date to complete the closing.

4) PLEASE NOTE that you are required to provide to the purchaser a current [current is defined as your Real Property Report being a true representation of our property today] Real Property Report with municipal compliance for all homes and bare land condos absent any contract amendment. Remember to bring your original RPR with you when you meet with Peter Mason. If you are unsure email Peter Mason at ASAP so he can review documents. Please also view our information video on Real Property Reports here.

5) When you meet with Peter please bring 1) two pieces of valid government ID and 2) VOID CHEQUE for deposit.

6) If there any any issues or if you have any concerns with respect to your sale, please let us know.

7) Please note final reports take approximately 12 - 14 weeks to complete.

8) Please let Peter know if your require a Will, Power of Attorney, or Personal Directive.

We look forward to assisting you with your sale.

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