Residential Real Estate Law

Residential Real Estate Lawyer Edmonton

Homebuyers and sellers face many challenges when it comes to finalizing a purchase. Finding the right real estate lawyer doesn’t need to be one of them. Peter B Mason offers assistance for:


  • Home purchases & sales
  • Mortgage financing & details
  • Construction agreements
  • Residential real estate disputes

Real Estate Lawyer Fees

  • SALE

    • Selling your home
    • $795 + disbursements


    • New mortgage
    • $795 + disbursements


    • Refinancing your home
    • $795 + disbursements

Note: $175.00 will apply to all transactions where a real property report, compliance, monetary holdback, permitting, contract preparation, contract review, out of province files, next day deposits on sales, bridge loans or revised mortgage instructions are required—$ 295 for any additional mortgages, e.g. Federal First Time Home Buyers Incentive. If title insurance is included, an additional $150 will apply.

You can count on our expert team for all your real estate law needs